19.05.17 – Make City

Foto: Making (Mexico-)City

Freitag, 19.05
TAUT hosting “Make City”
Seminarexkursion “Make (Container-)City in Stuttgart” with short student lectures in the afternoon

Be our guest at the first session of a seminar by Christian v. Wissel and his students of the Technische Universität München, Institute for History and Theory in Architecture, Design and Art. Prof. Dietrich Erben.

“Make your (own) city” is the call of the day. In Germany, increasing numbers of initiatives, festivals, exhibitions and books provide evidence of, and celebrate, ‘bottom-up’, ‘do-it-yourself’ and ‘guerrilla’ style involvement in urban affairs in order to reclaim, transform and improve the cities we live in. But what does it actually mean to make city? Who is doing what, for whom, and under what circumstances? Where does this urge come from? On what grounds can it flourish and be sustained? And how is it different to ‘conventional’ planning? Last but not least: What does making city mean in other contexts of the world, for example, in Jakarta, South Africa, Stuttgart or Guatemala?

This seminar takes into view the practice and theory of making city. The seminar is taught in two blocks. The first block takes place in Stuttgart on May 19th in collaboration with Kunstverein Wagenhalle. Here we will learn in the morning session about the experiences of a self-made artists’ colony. In the afternoon, the students present their reviews about the topic.

The second block takes place as a three-day study trip to Berlin from June 9th to 11th, convened in cooperation with the architecture department at Universidad Francisco Marroquín (UFM), Guatemala.